Policy Page

Freedom Driving School Policy Statement

  1. Once your student obtains a learnerís permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles, contact us at 916/899-1729 and we will schedule his/her first behind-the-wheel driving lesson, usually within three weeks.  During the first lesson, our instructor will validate your studentís learnerís permit by signing it and recording our school license number.  Students must have a validated permit to practice driving with you.


  1. Your studentís second and third behind the wheel driving lessons will be spread out throughout the six months after their first driving lesson, to allow for time to practice driving skills with you at home. Students can not take their drive test for their license until they have held their learnerís permit for six months.  All three of your studentís lessons must be completed within one year of the day you enrolled with Freedom Driving School.


  1. Students are responsible for calling to schedule their lessons.  We are unable to schedule second and third lessons compacted together within a couple of weeks when students delay calling to schedule those lessons until they are eligible to take the drive testPlease call well in advance Ė four weeks is ideal Ė before the date you wish to take a lesson.


  1. We have a strict no-refund policy.  While we are sympathetic to personal difficulties that may arise in the future, we can not refund your enrollment fee due to your studentís academic or behavior problems, an unplanned family relocation out of state, or other circumstances.


  1. We charge a $50 cancellation fee if you or your student cancel a lesson with less than 24 hours advanced notice or if your student does not have his/her permit with them when they are picked up for their driving lesson.  Please note: we will not drive your student to pick up his/her permit from another location or wait for a parent to deliver the permit to the student pick-up location past the appointment time.  The $50 cancellation fee must be paid at the start of your studentís rescheduled lesson.


  1. All returned checks are subject to a $50 administrative fee.  The $50 administrative fee must be paid in cash at the time the student is picked up for his/her next scheduled driving lesson.


  1. For clients paying for services with a personal check, we do not ďholdĒ checks until a future date or accept post-dated checks.  All payments are due at the time services are rendered.